Understanding Strategy Runs

This page describes the strategy runs, strategy run summary and strategy run orders

Strategy Run

Every time you start a strategy backtest or paper or live trading, the running session is uniquely identified within the Algorum Cloud using a Strategy Run object. Strategy Run object stores the parameters you used to start a backtest, paper or live trading session. Strategy Run also stores all the orders generated during the running of your strategy backtest, paper or live trading session. You can use various Algorum CLI commands to get the information about the Strategy Runs and orders associated with a Strategy Run.

See the list of Strategy Runs

You can see the list of Strategy Runs of a strategy using the strategy-run-list Algorum CLI command.


List of Strategy Runs

See the Strategy Run summary

You can see the summary of a Strategy Run using the strategy name and the Strategy Run Id (you can get from strategy-run-list command).


Strategy Run Summary