This page describes prerequisites for algo trading strategy development using Algorum

USA Users

For users in USA, Algorum integrates with Alpaca Markets and requires that you have an account with Alpaca. For developing, backtesting, paper trading you only need a Paper account with Alpaca. For live trading with Algorum you need a live account with Alpaca.

India Users

For India users, you can start with developing, backtesting and paper trading your strategy without any brokerage account. Once you are ready for live trading you need to have a brokerage account with one of the brokerages listed below.

BrokerageBrokerage WebsiteRemarks
NorthEast is our native brokerage integration for Indian stock markets (NSE). With this brokerage you will get brokerage account with Zero (0) brokerage fee irrespective of your trade types.

India User Trading in USA Stock Markets

For India users who want to trade in USA stock markets, you can use Alpaca brokerage. Below are the details to get started.

BrokerageBrokerage WebsiteRemarks
Alpaca allows users from India to participate in USA stock market, through their global account type. Please visit Alpaca website and get registered for stock trading in USA from India.