TickData (Class)

This page describes the TickData class

TickData represents the tick data for a symbol. The TickData object is returned in the OnTick override method of your strategy class.

PropertyProperty TypeDescription
TickerStringTicker of the symbol, like AAPL, TATAMOTORS, etc.,
TickerTypeSymbolTypeType of the symbol.
IdStringData platform specific id of the symbol. Applicable for Indian data.
DateDateTimeDate of the tick without time data.
TimestampDateTimeTimestamp of the tick with date and time data.
LTPdouble (floating point value)Last Traded Price of the symbol.
LTQdouble (floating point value)Last Traded Quantity of the symbol.
Biddouble (floating point value)Current best Bid price of the symbol.
Askdouble (floating point value)Current best Ask price of the symbol.
LastTickbooleanIndicates if this is the last tick to be received when the strategy is running in backtesting mode.

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